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My depression had gotten sooooooo bad a couple of weeks ago that I absolutely could not think straight. Every single thought I had led to thoughts and plans of suicide. Then, about 10 days ago, I just broke down. Cried the entire night and had multiple panic attacks, not able to sleep at all. I knew I was headed to a bad place fast. I managed to pack suitcases for my kids, dropped them off with a friend and headed to my therapist's office. She immediately called my pdoc who wanted me inpatient. With no other good choices, I agreed. Spent another 9 days inpatient, got new meds (again!!!) and, for the first time in MONTHS, I feel real again! I left there feeling better than I have in a year or more. I am now on Cymbalta, Xanax and Seroquel, plus they tested my thyroid and it was underactive so I am also on Synthroid now. Hopefully, this was a very hard first step to a better life.

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Hi Proverbs,

So glad your ok and doing better. Yes, I have the same issue with a underactive thyroid . The good news is that it can be treated. YAY. Glad that is finanlly being addressed. It can take a little time for it to get straighten out , however, at least your on meds for it ! You ought to start feeling better soon.

I am very happy that your feeling so well:)


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