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dbt ???

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Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a type of therapy primarily used for those with borderline personality disorder (BPD). DBT is a cognitive behavioral therapy, meaning it is a therapy that focuses on the role of cognition (e.g., thoughts and beliefs) and behaviors (e.g., actions) in the development and the treatment of BPD.

DBT is based on the idea that the core problem in BPD is emotion dysregulation, resulting from the co-mixture of ones biology (genetics and other possible biological factors) and an emotionally unstable childhood environment (e.g., where caregivers can be punitive, inconsistent or even highly erratic in how they respond to the child) together. The focus of DBT is teaching and applying methods that help regulate "erratic" and dysfunctional attempts to cope with strong emotions and the world at large.

In DBT, you will learn skills for being mindful of your thoughts, sensations, and emotions (the Zen aspect of it), and of the environmental triggers that set you off. You'll also learn how to be more interpersonaly effective by learning to be assertive w/o being aggressive, manipulative, emotionally out of control, etc. As a part of these skills, you'll be taught how to tolerate and manage stress so that it doesn't consume you. Finally, you'll learn how to identify and regulate your emotions, the key ingredient.

This is just a very quick briefer, but you can hit Dialectical Behavior Therapy and hundreds of sites will pop up. It's use has been broadened to help alleviate other conditions.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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I also just wanted to Add DBT is typically done in a group > your given these little assignments to do and stuff too . Then your suppose to talk about them during the group sessions> It is highly reccomended for sier's , a treatment of choice, but, I'm not too comfortable about groups .

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Pokets,

DBT is something that I believe you will enjoy doing. Yes, it can be done in a group but it is also done in individual settings. Good luck with it. It is really a helpful type of therapy and one that you need not worry about or stress over.


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Thanku allan.... My shrink did say that he wants me to do it on an indivdual setting, as he knows my feelings on group which i have tried in the past in different kind of therapy and felt very uncomfortable in.

I will try not to stress about it, i feel better now knowing wot its about and for.

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