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Coping with restlessness


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I get this feeling of restlessness, which scares me. I feel I am about to lose control and this will lead me to harm myself.

My way of dealing with this in the past is to take some valium (not prescribed for me). I feel by doing this it will prevent me from doing something worse.

I made a decision about 4 weeks ago to stop using the valium, but I have not found a way of dealing with this restlessness. At the moment I've just got out of bed because of it, my daughter is still up and watching tv in the other room. This has kind of grounded me for the moment.

I would be grateful for some tips.


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Good morning Goose,

I have much the same problem and, in fact, sleep generally only 4-5 hours per night. I seem to function OK on this and have for my entire life, but I also hate the night and wish I never needed sleep (it's the time when memories surface for me). I'll get up 2-3 times per night and even get on this site and answer a question or two (this may be why it seems I don't have a real job). I've had to eventually go the Klonopin route, very low dose tho, and so I sleep longer (maybe 5-6 hours)-- but this means I increase my chances for nightmares sometimes. Some things to consider:

1) Exercise 2-4 hours before bed. A good aerobic workout using interval training (look it up for some great ideas) is best, but don't work out within 3 houtrs of bedtime.

2) wake up at the same time every day, preferably 30 minutes earlier than usual, this helps reset your internal clock,

3) consider taking Valerian Root and/or Melatonin with some warm Nightime tea 1 hour before bedtime

4) consider a warm bath with Chamomile, Lavender, Lime flower, Mint and/or Passion flower. Do this 1 hour (no sooner) before bedtime. If you do it just before bedtime, it raises your bodies temp, which can keep you up longer.

5) Too much sugar or a high carbohydrate diet can weigh you down and keep your heart rate elevated, thus keeping you awake much later or awakening you throughout the night

6) Try not to use the computer or TV for at least an hour before bed to let your brain zone out.

7) buy some relaxation CD's of either music, relaxation training or both and play them

I'm sure there are hundreds of other techniques, but these are some of the most used that I'm aware of.

Good luck and I hope this helps.

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hi goose I know exactly how you feel with the restlessness. Have you thought that maybe you migth have anxiety? Sometime when I get real anxious I get extremely scared. Maybe you should talk to a professional if you already aren't. Please stop self medicating it won't help it'll just make it worse. Gud luck

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Hi goose,

Sometimes when I get restless and just want to scream, I listen to my sleep and self esteem tapes my T gave me. They calm me and help me to relax. I think you can find similar tapes in the bookstore. Meditation is also good, but I haven't learned how to do that yet. When I am at work, I try to sit still and take deep deep breaths to fill my lungs then slowly release the air. This makes me feel better quickly--at least it helps me not want to scream and it also calms me. I hope this helps you cope w/ your restlessness. Take care. :(

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