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Hey heather,

whats going on ?

First of all calm down, take a few deep breathes.

Have you tried distraction techniques ?

I.e. Drawing , writing your poetry , doing some of your song writing ?

Is any body at home with you that can sit with you for a bit ?

Do anything to occupie your mind.

Hope this helps, how do you normaly manage to take your mind of things ?

Take care hun


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Hey Heather,

I realise its difficult right now hun, you said you look after yourself and some old people.

Looking after the elderly is a very demanding job, is any one round to help you with this ?

You know, you said you looked after youtself, well part of that is actualy looking after you, Please find the inner strength you need to get help for you, from a doctor.

Take care


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Hi Heather,

I am worried about you . Are you okay ? How are you feeling now? I know how difficult it is to fight off the urges to Self harm. especially when feeling alone, scared and not having anywhere to turn. Taking care of the elderly is extrmemly hard and demanding work.

Who's taking care of Heather's needs?


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