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Anything by Hayao Miyazaki


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I live in a situation where I am denigrated and not taken seriously.

I live with someone who considers me less than human etc.

but I love wonderful,beautiful, happy things. Any movie by Hayao Miyazaki makes me happy.

He's a Japanese filmmaker.

I hope his lovely happy movies help others as much as they have me.

Hugs to everybody!


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Jane, can I ask you a personal question?

[Too late; I'm going to, anyway. You don't, of course, have to answer.]

Why do you live in a "situation where [you are] denigrated and not taken seriously", or even considered human?

There are other situations, and even if those have their downsides, at least you're not having your soul sucked from you on a daily basis ...

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Yes, well... that is a good question, and one I ask myself every day!!

That is... should I stay or should I go??? But I'm not ready yet. My son is too young for the pitched battle that would tear our lives apart and impoversh us all. I have to bide my time, so to speak.

But it will make me stronger, right?

He's good to our kid for the most part. He tries to keep him from me which hurts, but I just act as though I'm working and busy anyway. :-P

I just envy those who live life with someone who loves them. They might be really stupid people, but they may never know it. I hope they never need to know how stupid they are!! I get to hear how stupid I am, and how stupid everything I like is on a regular basis. But I have to have something to keep me going, and this man is certainly not it. Just be glad if you are lucky enough to not hear how stupid you really are, haha!

I will be strong. :-/

Or something

In the meantime I will watch Hayao Miyazaki films and dream of becoming human.


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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Jane E.,

I also need to know more about your situation because, at the moment, it is very vague. I take it that you are a mom and are either married or living with a man and the relationship has problems. But, it would help us to help you if you could tell us more of the details and more about you, if you are willing, of course.


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Hi Jane,

What I have gathered in your posts is that you are in a situation where your are being emotionally or verbally abused on a daily basis. It is a man, either your boyfriend or childs father?

The absue has led you into feeling dehumanized , and the name calling is a constant thing with this (asshole) Sorry It makes me feel inrage to know a woman is being treated by a man like shit.

You have a child, too. And wrote that you can't leave because of financial reasons.

the way that you cope with the absue is to watch movies from your favorite movie maker. This helps u feel happy .

Now, I'd like to suggest to u somthing. Are their any womans shelters you can go to? Take your child and leave? Go to a womans shelter for abused women. Be protected, and most of all be free! you could start your life over. Those places help women get on their feet again and most importantly protect them from the abuser.

Do you have family that can offer you a place to live with them? Get out of this environment as fast as possible, your child does not need to live in such a bad situation either. Because if he is your son, your little boy is seeing you be abused, and is learning that this is how a woman ought to be treated! He will grow up just to repeat the cycle .

Something to be aware of. Please try and get out of that place, and away from this man. Is it your house? I have no idea of anything more to add. Only that , you DO NOT deserve to be abused :(

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