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As you get older, you become much, much more complex and your personality develops along many paths. This test is great if you're young and have only lived one life. By the time you're 30-40, you feel as if you've lived 3-4 lives-- you've loved many women/men or both, you've been married, divorced, changed jobs several times, remarried, more children, watched friends and family die, bought your 4th car, opened your own business, etc.

Then you hit your 50's-60's and you keep adding lives it seems, now you've had more job changes, the empty nest, grandchildren, you've traveled and been to Paris and Amsterdam and Istanbul and LA and NY, finally owning your own home outright, having owned several cars, retirement issues, medical problems, etc.

So, the test works better, I think, if you're much younger and haven't explored the world and absorbed other cultures and lives into your being. A rich and full life creates a complex being and complexity breeds a richer life, and soon one realizes that there are many truths and one self with many faces.

What do you think?

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I got a 9 (peacemaker) and the descriptions are pretty accurate.

I definitely agree with David, though. I think we definitely do become more complex with age and that life experience plays a part in that. I'm much more aware of myself now than I was when I was twenty something.

These kinds of tests are kind of fun as long as you keep them in perspective.

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:D i couldnt even get the link, guess not only do i feel old, i am !!! :D

But I dont need a test to tell me who I am or what I feel,

:oI am me, and I am proud of who I am and what my emotions are, toward myself and others!!!:o

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missed out some words, diffinately having one of those days/maybe a midlife crisis
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