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seems like i've been gone forever..

i went to the ER ... have a scheduled surgery for the 25th to removed a cyst the size of a (tennis ball) before it ruptures :) which sucks. ended up having to call the cops because the guy ended up showing up at my house.. they let me get this thing where he cant come near me nomore or he'll go to jail.. guess i'll see how long that lasts before he breaks it:(... other then that still the same ole sad me blah.. anyway.. how are you doing??? done anything lately?? btw.. i'm on invisible here so it may look like im offline when i'm not xoxox


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Hi Heather,

Gosh you have certainly been having a rough time of it all. Im sorry to hear thet you are so unwell, and that you need to have surgery. i hope it works out ok.

Its good you got out a court injunction, did you manage to get one for a year ? I have to renew mine every 12 months.

please take care Heather,

once again I am pleased to hear from you


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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Babygirl1992,

I am pleased that you have made yourself visible once again.

Yes, surgery is never a pleasant thing to go through. On the other hand, you will feel much better afterwards and you will make a full recovery.

As to the guy showing up at your house and you getting a restraining order against him, please remember this: A restraining order works only if you call and report him if he comes anywhere near to you. Do not hesitate to call the police if he violates the restraining order.

Allan :)

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