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Heartbroken & desperate for the pain to stop


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I am so very sorry for your sadness and pain. I know that your hurting so badly and it feels hopeless right now to you. Don't give up. You will get out of the hospital, and be able to start fighting over for your rights as a mother to your chilren.

Again, my heart is breaking for you. I feel your pain. :(


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Hi IrmaJean, Thankyou for your kind words, and encouragement, you always help me, thanks hun.

Hi notmary, Thankyou so much, I know how difficult things are for you right now, and I truely hope that things for you improove soon.

Thankyou Everyone, for your ongoing support and kindness,thanks for listening to me and helping me through this never ending nightmare that I find myself in.

I feel at a loss with myself right now Im heartbroken, dont know how to end the pain or if this feeling will ever just stop. Im just sad and dont know what to do with myself, maybe I am wollowing in self pity, I dont know anymore, I just feel asthough Im dying inside and just waiting for the outside to catch up with the rest of me. Is ok though, coz Im stubborn, I just need to find a way out of the darkness and out into the daylight

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I think that, understandably, you're hurting right now after court and that has likely intensified the pain you'd already been dealing with. I think it's okay to allow your emotions... your disappointment and hurt right now...as long as it doesn't swallow you. You can't work through the pain unless you face it.

For me during my worst days when I was slipping into depression, I'd try to get at the pain and stare it right in the face. Allow it, understand it...get to know the whys behind it...and then eventually let it go and move on... that much wiser and stronger. Or something like that...

While these past few days have been very challenging, they are steps along the path. Sometimes a half a step backwards leads to one full step forward. Take care.

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I guess you could say that im sulking, and rightly so.

My heart is broken into that many shards that its become dust. I feel dead inside.

I dont want to do anything, I cant eat, I dont want to sleep, I dont want to be awake either. I just want to lay here, on my bed, where Ive become lodged this past day, and not budge.

I have important decissions that need to be made, and soon. I cant really face them. A big part of me wonders if I lay here long enough, and do nothing (coz thats all i am capeable of) I can just dissapear.

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