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my sis.


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I miss ya sis, so much - not a day that goes by that i dont think of you of us together, back then in the day - and when we first hit our freedom. should say found, or grasped at it - but nah - hit is way more appropriate really - it knocked both of us for six - right.

no- more of the crap that we left behind us, being able to just sit - knowing no bugger was gonna come up the stairs an screw with us. Happy times eh ?

Yeah maybe not, the freedom hit us both hard - hit you harder than me obviously - miss ya sis - love ya always.


Find myself thinking of you a lot lately sis, no regrets though. I understand why. Atleast your not suffering anymore. nearly joined ya recently. guess you already know that. i miss you so very much.

I thought I heard you whisper to me last night - probably my mind playing tricks on me - nothing new there. But I swear I sat up and looked around the bedroom and truely expected to see you in the next bed to mine.

Either way thankyou - coz Im trying again. Your kindness and soul will always live on inside of me. And somehow when I need it most, your inspiration kicks my ass into gear.

Love you sis

Miss you so very much. Your always in my heart.


oh damn it sis, its been one of those days and i really wish you were around so that i could just sit with you. hug you once more, chat, scream, shout - whatever i miss our time, i miss you. im sorry sis - maybe tomorrow i will be stronger but for now, for tonight im just missing you and tryna hold on - just like every part of me wishes you had. Love you sis.


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Guest GingerSnap

Sue: As I have said before, I feel that the spirits of those people that have crossed to the other side are still with us. I think I may have told this story before but when we were at an RV park, I came across a couple who had some neat lighthouse stuff and I made a comment about it and they told me that they had lost a daughter at a young age that loved lighthouses and it was her dream to travel the US and see different ones and they said that they were now fulfilling her dream for her and that it made them feel closer to her. I think you know that she is still with you and definitely lives on in your heart that you were able to make this post today. She is there pulling for you and that often she touches your heart when you need it the most. You have my sympathy. Cathy

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I'm sorry for your loss, JJ. I never had a sister. You had a very special relationship with her from what you have described. I believe that those who we have loved during our lives stay with us in many ways even after their passing from this life. The love you feel for your sis will always be in your heart. Take care, Sue.


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