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i feel so pathetic. ive read posts on here and everyone else has a reason to be depressed...but i dont. ive not be seriously psyically abused, not had a injury or anything. but why do i feel so bloody low? am i an attention seeker? is it normal for people to feel depressed for no reason like this? i have never been dianogsed, i have never had the guts. but it must be depression - it cant be anything else.

in 2006 i attempted suicide - and the nurses believed me when i said the cuts on my wrist was just messing around, and that i wasnt going to do it again. i mean, arent they trained to see past things like that?

i want to let people know, i am not suicidal. i wont commit suicide because i love my mom ( who i definatly cant speak too) too much. but i just want too. i plan it in my head, peoples reactions. i dont want to die, i just want to be better.

i cry when i read about others getting help, because im jealous. i need someone to support me, to take the weight off my shoulders.

i have recently been to the doctors a few times about something unrelated - if i make another appointment about this will they get annoyed at me for keep going back?

i live in the UK - and i am 18. can people promise me that they WONT tell anyone? what do i say to the doctor when i get there? i dont want to be sectioned! although i know it would be good for me, to have someone support me, but i dont want anyone knowing. thats all thats stopping me. and can i back out anytime i want too? i just need to feel reassured.

thanks, ask any questions if you need too.


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Hi idontwant-tobelikethis

i live in the UK - and i am 18. can people promise me that they WONT tell anyone? what do i say to the doctor when i get there? i dont want to be sectioned! although i know it would be good for me, to have someone support me, but i dont want anyone knowing. thats all thats stopping me. and can i back out anytime i want too? i just need to feel reassured.

Please feel rest assured that your GP will treat everything you tell him in the strictest of confidence, unless, he feels that you are about to harm yourself or others. Then, he will confront the appropriate people of the situation who, will help you.

I have been in and out of hospital on a number of occasions and Twice in the last Two months. I also live in the UK.

You will not be sectioned on your first attempt anyway unless you tell them that you will S/H again?

There are people u can phone when your in a crisis like the Crisis Resolution Team, the Samaritans, M.I.N.D Mental Health Organisations. We are very fortunate in the UK. We have a lot of help regarding mental health issues. More than most, put it that way.

If you find it difficult to confront your doctor or any one, do what I do and write it all down in a letter and just give it to him on your approach.

I honestly think you are suffering from depression and need to seek help. What sort of depression, only a fully trained professional can tell you that and I'm sorry but... there is no-one qualified enough on here to diagnose you, also, there's only your own GP can do that.

I hope this has helped and please keep posting!

Take care.

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I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling so low, but you will find support and encouragement on this forum, so you are not alone.

Depression is difficult to handle alone, especially if there is a need for medication to get it under control. It sounds like you have been suffering alone for a long time, but there is help out there and I see no reason why you should not tap into it - it's there for people who need the help and you are one of them.

I'm curious as to why you are so worried about people knowing? There is no shame in depression. It attacks people from every age group and every walk of life, and it is sometimes triggered by life events, and sometimes not. It is not something we can control with willpower, it is usually an imbalance of chemicals in the brain.

You really should go see a professional, there is no need for you to try to deal with this alone....

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Reading your post I felt like I could have written it myself. I always feel as I have no reason to feel like this so people won't understand. But just being on this site for a week I realise people do understand and don't judge.

And I do feel jealous of people brave enough to get help.

So I can't give you much advice but I can say you're not alone and people understand. And it's all about one step at a time. I've made a few positive moves lately, slowly but surely. I've also been to the doctors a fair bit about something else and only just had the courage to hint at my depression whilst I was there. And a professional doctor is never going to be annoyed about how often you go.

I think just the act of writing it all down and talking to people here is an important step in the right direction. I hope find some help from being here.

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Hi there, and welcome to our community. I have gone through this myself, when I did not I was very depressed either. I went to a psychatrist , told him how I was feeling, and he told me I was clinically depressed. Shoot, I was clueless. Sometimes it is very difficult to pin point how you are feeling and why. That is how come professionals can help us . They help sort our feelings out and give us a better understanding of ourselves.

Is it that you do not want anyone to know about self harming, or the depression ? Are you still SI'ing? Self injury is known as a way to cope , other then wanting to end ones life. Normally people do not get sectioned for Self harming, unless it is extremely severe, and obvious the person is in danger of losing life.

Therapy and medication to treat depression , are the best ways of feeling better , and treating depression. Remember the professionals are there to help you.

IMO, I believe it is a lot of people's fear that they will be hospitalized after a mental health visit. However it is simply untrue. I know in the U.S. a person can be 5150'd only if in danger of killing oneself or in danger of hurting others.


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Don’t make the mistake of comparing your troubles with anyone else’s and then feeling guilty because you think your depression isn’t important enough for some attention. I’m the oldest of five and we all deal with our troubles in our own way. No two sets of problems are the same. Whatever your troubles are they are as significant as anyone else’s when it comes to coping with life on a daily bases.

Best wishes

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