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Profile Picture disappearing


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Nah, it's just a confusion about names, Linda.

A "profile picture" shows only on your personal profile page, the one that shows when someone clicks on your name.

An "avatar" shows on each post, and can be a different picture. For instance, for me, I have a pink and blue yin-yang for my avatar, but a pink muscle-bound bunny man (don't ask) as my profile picture.

It looks like you have your bipolar sun for both, now, so it must have worked.

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Well, about the shortest form of the story is that I set up a Social Group on here called the Demented Bunnies, and I was searching Google Images for a Demented Bunny, and there he was, precisely the guy I needed for the job. :-) More information is available there and elsewhere, but that'll do for starters.

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