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My dog comforts me


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Hi all-

I shared about my little Papillon Emma in the Announcements forum about how much she means to me.

I get emails every day from a site called "Cute Overload." The emails usually include pictures of little kittens & bunnies or similar adorable things & at the end, the email always asks "now don't you feel better?" And I usually do.

Anyway, I'd like to post a link to a video at their website that shows an inspiring story of a service dog who finds his niche in the world. It is very touching.


I would like to encourage anyone here who has a pet who comforts him or her to share the story. Mscat has shared about her dogs and I enjoy reading about them.

Enjoy the video, it's 5 minutes or so long, but worth the time, IMO.


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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Catmom,

What a wonderful and inspiring video. I was lucky enough to work around service dogs when my wife worked in that industry. They are amazing dogs and their training is incredible. What I found so interesting is that, after the training and when they are working with their clients, they become much more than they were at the beginning.

Thank you for that.


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