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hope i dont bother anyone, dont mind if i do


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I know hun, sometimes it just dont matter how much you try pretend "I dont care" and it "dosnt matter anyway" (dma) unfortunately it still does. :(

But hey in time, if we keep trying, maybe instead of pretending "I dont care" maybe we wont have to, instead we can say, like wow, i managed to get through it. :)

Gotta hope, right ? :)

Just know that we are all here for you star, and that we care, and yeah, pinky promise :o)

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as I see it, if you try hard enough, you can learn not to care.

that is my goal, gotta try something new, why not give not caring a sincere effort?

I know I'll get through, I'd just rather it didn't feel like my insides were burning out.

yeah, definitely being a baby tonight

but, if I could learn not to care, it wouldn't hurt, i'm sure of it

I have thought about it and it makes sense.

I am just being realistic, I know myself, I know my situation, and I know I have very limited choices.

My thoughts at the moment are do whatever you can to make it hurt less.

But yeah sue, gotta hope, because if not, what else do you have? even if you don't know what you're hoping for

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limited choices, still means you have options though right ?

yeah you can just say to yourself I dont care, but theres always gonna be a small part of you whispering in the background, "hang on a minute, Im here, I care and Im still hurting", no matter how hard you try to shove your pain to the back of your mind.

hang on star.........

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But star , you havnt done anything wrong hun.

Its ok that you dont want to care, we all feel like that from time to time. Im sorry I just dont know the right words.

Would it help at all, if you told us whats going on for you at the moment, whats upsetting you so much star ?

Maybe we can help. it might be worth a try, we care about you and are listening.

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Hi smallstar. I'm sorry you are feeling sad tonight. :) I hope that you will be gentle with yourself and treat yourself kindly. It's true that when we care there may be pain at times. But caring about ourselves and others and caring about life is what makes us human, what brings us joy and love. Caring is what breathes life into us and gives us purpose. I was just thinking that I feel really grateful that I care very much about things...such as the way I care about you. Do you want to talk more about why you are hurting right now?

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