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Leave of absence is over.


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So a bit of an update:

I finally made the move with my boyfriend. We're somewhat settled in; just have to crack down on the job hunting now. I've been REALLY stressed lately over a number of things (lack of job, the move, needing things & relying on my boyfriend to pay, cousin in the hospital, etc) ... & noticed that the past two or three days have been a nightmare. Just been really in & out of it, dissociating probably half of the time. It's ridiculous. And I've had an incredible migraine over the past four days, but I'm used to that with stress.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that, no, I did not fall of the face the planet. Just had limited internet access & relatively busy. Hope everyone else is doing well!!!

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Glad to hear you got through the worst of it. Stress is so powerful isn't it ! Is there any way you can take a few days to decompress, sit with a nice coffee and just have quiet time assimilating what you are living? Sometimes just taking time to reflect can put everything in perspective and help us feel more settled...

Nice to have you back Amberlyn :-)

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Thanks :) And I took today to do some relaxing. Sat down with a good book most of today. I even took a nap, which I hardly ever do anymore! It was nice. Spending this weekend with family, so that will be good too. I already told my boyfriend that first thing Monday morning, I'm GOING to find a job. I just need the weekend to get everything focused. Oh, and I checked my email earlier & already have a prospective interview :) Will find out more about that on Monday though. Thanks again!

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