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Hi, passionfruit3 (nice nick! :) ),

I've just read also your 1st post, so I can see you're dealing with very hard conditions :) ... I hope this forum will bring you some support and a pleasant feeling of compassion.

Try to write us something more about you, mostly: Is your relapse due to the end of you treatment, or you are still treated for depression, but it stopped helping you?

Take care,


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Good morning passion,

I'm so sorry for what you're experiencing-- the depression is tough enough, but adding the psychotic features makes it even more troubling. Keep talking to us but I suggest you contact your therapist or psychiatrist ASAP-- you probably know well that these situations can quickly go south. If you can't talk/see your therapist, take yourself to the ER while you're still able to think rationally and make decisions.

Have you been taking your meds as prescribed and consistently? Relapses usually occur when one goes off of them, or if there is a severe stressor in the environment (job loss, divorce, separation, an illness, moving).

How are you doing this morning, by the way?

Please write back and keep us in the loop,


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