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wish it didn't happen

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Hi passionfruit3

The voices your hearing are they coming from inside your head ? What are they saying to you ? Sorry you dont have to answer that if you are not up to it. Im just wondering coz I hear voices all the time, at times louder than at others, and Ive been known to scream at them to shut up (thats the polite version).It always seems to get worse when my stress levels increase. (which is the one time I wish they would just STOP)

Have you spoken with your doc recently to let them know whats happening ? Your meds might need tweaking a little (if your on any).

Hope the voices ease for you soon

Take care

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Hi, passionfruit3,

Why to feel embarrassed? You sister knows about your condition, so... she knows that you can't influence it and that it's not your fault! Maybe she's a kid and doesn't understand much about your disease, but... there certainly is a way (for your parents) to explain her your problems in an appropriate way.

Did you speak with your parents about this embarrassement?

Take care!


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Hi, I've lived with someone who heard voices and it was obviously embarrassing to him but it didn't affect our relationship in any way. I didn't think about it most of the time and it felt just as normal as having someone sing by themselves.

I hope you're not having conversations with the voices though, telling them to shut up when you're very distressed is normal, talking casually with them is not.

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