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Bipolar & higher rate of hypertension


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I have hypertension. It was 180/120 when I was diagnosed. Go big or go home. Mine was found after I began taking Efexor (raised BP is a known SE) - my pdoc at the time filed an Adverse Event Report with Pfizer - a whole rigmarole of countless forms. But when I stopped taking Efexor, the high BP remained. Who knows?? As the researchers say there are confounding variables: yes, it could be meds (APs -> weight gain -> hypertension), could be comfort eating or lack of interest in preparing decent food, probably other reasons too.

Can it be that the manic phase has drawbacks, after all? ;-)
*takes deep breath*,*breathes out*, *decides to leave it unsaid* :mad: :) :)
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Hi Luna,

The troubling aspect of this is also that diabetes Type II exists at a 3X higher rate with Bipolra II folks than among the general population. Likewise, there is a higher incidence of hypothyroidism, iodine and vitamin B complex deficiency, and several other conditions.

It's rare that a severe and persiatent mental illness comes alone, it's usually accompanied by so much more, and the meds alone can have an iatrogenic effect (negative effect on body systems, such as some antidepressants are known to increase risk for diabetes).

I think, however, that oftentimes the most devastating part has to do with the core pain issues of loneliness, aloness, feelings of inadequacey, feeling not loved or cared about, feeling like one can never truly be in control, self esteem issues and so much more--- these are the experiences that so damage one's soul. As one reads through so much of what is written on the forum, too often it's a deep and never-ending emotional pain that is talking and while the words may not say this, the underlying theme is ever present and surfaces in ways that cause us more grief.

With much Compassion and {{hugs}} (un abrazo),


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Un abrazo = a hug. Thank you David, you are dear...

I have hypothyroidism too, per kind favour of lithium. So yes, iatrogenic issues. My pdoc didn't pick up that I was on a diuretic when he rx'ed lithium, so after 5 days I was in hospital hallucinating from lithium toxicity and being yelled at by nurses because mad=bad. I am on a total of 7 medications for everything. Plus another 1 PRN. I'm a walking, talking pharmacy. :) It's such a thrill to be me.

My mom says: "You shouldn't take those pills, they can't be safe. You just need some exercise and to eat better."

My GP (after I told him I'd been dx'ed BP): "Oh yes, it's the flavour of the month". Just doesn't believe me...

Sorry I'm downbeat. But yes, aloneness. Never truly being able to be in control. Self-esteem a battle to hang onto sometimes. Louise Hay and Caroline Myss throwing slaps in our faces. Then there's:

- "you're not trying hard enough"

- "you could change this if you really wanted to"

- and from my ex to my children: "your mother chose to be depressed"

I am just having so much fun it's unbefrigginlievable... :)

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we'll hang in there together , right:)

That we will, Linda. {{{Linda}}} :)

I don't eat at either extreme. Last severe depression I lost some 20kg rapidly. When mildly manic everything just tastes so amazing, eating is so enjoyable, meaningful even! When very manic I have no time and I just forget. When mildly-moderately depressed I comfort-eat. Carbs. The worst ones, with fats. :( And when deeply depressed I'm not hungry and besides there's no point.

None of which helps the hypertension, of course.

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