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Guest GingerSnap

Calla: I was just thinking along the same lines. I have just came back into the forum and it takes so much time to think out and post replies. I thought "Gee, you need to thank all of those who take so much of their personal time on here helping everyone." So, "Thanks, Everyone". And, if I don't get out and mow that grass right now..............:D Cathy

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I find that, although I rarely use the Quick Reply option, because I like having all the editor options of the full version, I do reply quickly. There are lots of factors, among them that I took a year of typing in high school, so that part's easy. It also helps that I have a facility with words that caused my Dad to describe me, in typical fashion since he has it too, as "orally diarrheic." Also, in many cases, I do try to say what comes naturally, because I used to edit myself, particularly my emotions, heavily.

To my mind, though, that's what makes us all special: we're all different.

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Hey flat...I wondered how you were as hadn't seen you here for a few days. All ok?

All good. I had retreated to my Lurker persona as I was feeling kinda bruised with life and low on things to offer. Now I'm starting to feel ok again but I'm trying to sort stuff out. I was really scared by my last episode. I think I'm gonna start a new thread about depression and manic tonight.

How are you Calla? I always read your posts, even if I don't reply.

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