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I very often start to feel like I have actually fainted or had an accident and what is happening isn't real but a dream. I get this a lot when I am out and about. Wondering if I am actually laying on the floor somewhere imagining I am still walking.

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I feel that way too quite a bit Aaron. I've always felt an 'outsider'. Never felt a part of anything really. When I have been a part of a 'group' i've always felt like I was acting a part, pretending to fit in when in fact I don't.

There is this voice inside me that talks to me as though talking to a separate person. This voice says things like 'you are so stupid' or 'can't you ever do anything right?', and it's a part of me I hate. It feels as though I am two people sometimes. Since reading your first post on here about how you feel sometimes that you are the only real person I have been giving this some thought. Maybe to make myself 'better' I need to get the two people in me to come together, but how do I do that?

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Guest ASchwartz

Hey Everyone,

This is the place for all of us to have fun. Doesn't anyone have some good jokes? We need to laugh and this is the forum for laughter.


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