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My near death experience from side effects from meds...


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Guest ASchwartz

Dear Linda,

Wow, that was a very close call. I assume you are on blood thinning medication? Are the blood clots gone? That is a terrible story and I really feel for you and I want you to know it!!! I am glad, thrilled, happy that you are back.



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Wow, Linda! That sounds like a very unerving experience, I'm so glad you made it through, as is your family I'm sure....

I had bronchitis twice last year, and stupidly went back to smoking between the two. The second time my lungs blocked up completely within 24 hours, I mean completely. I could not get any air in. Luckily my daughter was here, phoned the ambulance and they got here quick enough to pull me through. So I get what you mean about facing death because of lung issues. I was in hospital 3 days and thank god antibiotics have been invented or I would not be here writing to you.

I suffered severed depression last fall, after the incident and for different reasons, but I did not find the incident made any difference, as least I don't think it did. I have to admit I do tend to worry about breathing more than I used to though (like when I choke on something), and sometimes I get flashbacks of those moments when I was trying to get air in and could not - it was very scary to realize this might be it. It did bring home the fact that life is fragile and things can happen very quickly. In a way though it made me more aware that I need to make the best of the time I do have, and it may have contributed to my finally leaving my very complicated relationship with my spouse. I think overall it has helped me to put things in perspective.

It's important to take good care of you right now, are you doing that Linda? It's great to hear you are OK...

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Well, you beat me to it, Linda, I was just going to post about you. You can't possibly be home already???

What a shock! :eek: Pulmonary embolisms are big-time disease! What did your poor hubby and children have to say, they must've got a big fright? How do you feel now?

Hmmm, out of 9 lives, how many have you used up now?

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