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Oh my gosh, its not all bad !!!!


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I often find myself, feeling overwhelmed by sadness, so much so that I dont always see the 'good stuff' thats around me, the joys of deppression I guess :(

Anyway, this morning, I got up after a sleepless night, got dressed and asked my carer to take me outside. She promptly got my wheelchair ready, and I thought to myself 'huh, I dont need that thing !!!' she just stared at me, I'd said it out loud (oops). But you know what, I didnt need my chair today, I went outside in the garden, and holding on to her, to keep my balance (ok admitidly at times I was clinging on for all I was worth ) I managed to walk, for the first time outside in months - like OMG !!!! :D

It made me feel good, just putting one foot infront of the other.

I was wondering what makes other people feel good ?

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Heya Sue!!:rolleyes:

Lately I have been visited by waves of anxiety facing a new job and the return of the old one starting up. If I let it take over, I feel swallowed up:(. What is working today is focusing as much of my attention as I can on this one moment in front of me, sort of like your foot stepping out and then another.... If I open my senses to the light streaming in, to the feel of my breath filling my core, to whatever sounds nature is making... and attend only to the demands of this moment (and it has to be no further out than right now),,,,, I can say I feel kinda good!!:P It feels like there is plenty of time yet, that what I have to do in this milisecond is manageable. [oh, and I had a piece of chocolate; is that cheating?:P]

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