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It's not a precise amount of time, neji. Nor is a reply what "releases" you, so it's possible you were free to post elsewhere well before the first person replied. You can look at many threads whose view count far exceeds the reply count. That's not a measure of the "juiciness" of the thread, but rather of whether those who read the post felt capable of providing an adequate reply, at the time they read it. In other words, it may well have more to do with the problems of those who read your post than anything to do with you.

We do try to support people as we can, and our ability to do that (or lack of it) does not in any way reflect on the worthiness of the person in need.

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There is no obligation, however, on anyone's part here, to reply to any given post. It is an expectation some people assume they are entitled to, but no-one is required to do so. MentalHelp is the name of the main site but the forum is separate and in no way does the main site's name mean someone is obliged to provide "help" here. We support as and when we feel able, which isn't always, unfortunately.

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Hey there. Just to say you've only repeated everything I have been saying. So not sure why that was addressed to me.

There is a bit of an impression that it is a properly staffed forum when you first get here, so I think a automated thing is a good idea. Hope you are well.

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Hi Neji yes its a bipolar song!!!!:(

and I swear my computer is too, I keep getting a weak signal then lose the internet connection on and off all day!!!

Wasnt finished replying... sorry


I believe all members who are "online" can see all the new threads in "todays posts"

It is an option to read, respond and address a thread. Some don't click on to it, some just read and follow along and some will respond if they have a response.

I joined in January and this was my first ever online forum so I know the anxious feeling of wanting to be accepted, reading the replies and then venturing into some new threads with topics that may or not be read or replied to.

And as you have stated this is a supportive group of people who are "regulars" and viewing daily and maybe feel they have some answers and support for you while others may not and thats ok....

It is hard because there is no personalization as in meeting face to face so words are the only thing that describes a person. Sometimes the feelings of a response is misinterpreted so it is especially important to reply online with some clear understanding "words"...

I have to say though, when anyone posts and then demands responses, it is actually a turn off to respond, at least for me anyway. So not knowing the new member and knowing their intentions other then what is written and eventually understanding "who" they are is what is important.

So hang in there, get to know the other members by reading other threads and use private messaging if you would like.

And just know we all have our good and bad days....;)

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Thank you for saying this, it makes a lot of sense. I am glad the boards are here, and I can do some processing. It is hard when family don't understand and they think they are helping, but they are the trigger. I am just reaching out in my rocky time and I have hope so thanks.... I know this will not be forever, b/c when I go back to school I will be focused on that. I have no control of my needy children coming out, that is who is posting. It is nice to know you will not be neglected here. I need to find other options than trying to get approval from them, b/c they are not ready.

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Diversions can be a great thing, maybe not the answer but it gets you through another rough time...

I have had a few bumpy rides here on the forum but yes it is a very supportive community and although many members come and go, it is nice to see and read many diifferent interpretations, life experiences and most of all honesty. And when taken in proper context the online forum can be as much as you want it to be...


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