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"Theres taking things slow" but -


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What about the tiny chance of trying to trust him?

You don't have to tell him much. Maybe just that there are reasons in your past why you have to take it slow? I think that's enough hint for a psych nurse ...

You are allowed to set your boundaries and keep them, Sue. :-)

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I know: it's hard trusting again.

But that's exactly why I suggested telling him as little as possible; you're not his job, but hopefully, he's your friend. If he is, he'll listen to what you need.

You're not a freak, sweety, and you never have been. :-)

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Well, if you really need to get out, his address will be on every bit of junk mail that might be lying around ...

You can try to hang out until morning; I know you can stay awake. ;-)

And, seriously, if you do that, he'd mostly likely just take you home ...

If it comes to a choice between being cross at yourself, and having him (maybe) be cross with you, why are you choosing him?

There probably is no reason to panic. Are you familiar with the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? :-) But that doesn't mean that you can't calmly get yourself home, and explain to him, if you feel like it, later.

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Well, Hitchhiker's Guide started as a radio show, then a series of books. But they did do a television show (only you guys got to see it), and a film, I think, and then there was a recent remake of the film. {It's a sort of cult phenomenon ...} On one cover of the Guide is written, in large letters, "Don't Panic". :-)

You're not abnormal, Sue. I get myself into uncomfortable situations all the time. It's not a good reason to get mad at yourself.

You'll be okay, whether you choose to get a cab home, or to stay until he wakes up. You're strong and aware, and you know what you want and what you don't want. I think, in the long run, you'll be proud of how you handled this situation.

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You don't have to say much at all if you've only known him a couple of weeks IMHO. One does not have to have an intimate relationship after two weeks either.... I know that nowadays that seems to be the norm, but I think it is probably too quick for the psyche, unless one is just looking for a quick fix. Otherwise, I think it's normal and wise to get to know someone a while before allowing them that close up and personal - in many cultures that is a given. Perhaps it is our culture that incites us to move so quickly... what is so wrong with taking our time in getting to know another, in deciding if this is someone we want intimacy with. It sure is safer for the heart, and the body in fact.

You have been through an awful lot in the last year Sue, and your heart is still very tender. I encourage you to take your time, test out the waters, see what type of man he is. The last thing you need is someone who will not be supportive or understanding, and you will only know whether he is by telling him things about yourself a little at a time, to see how he reacts and handles it. That way you make the choice as to whether this is something you want to pursue - you decide if he is good for you, it is not all about his needs.... :(

It's nice to hear you are excited about this new relationship Sue ... life is ever interesting and full of suprises isn't it?

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