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Coping with the Season

finding my way

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The holidays are especially stressful when a person struggles with their mental health. It is tough to access the joy of the season, which is too bad, because most of us could use a little joy!

Over the years, I have let go of more and more "shoulds" and perceived obligations for this time of year. I don't send out cards. I don't make myself go to parties unless I want to. I tune into nature as much as possible, because it is such a beautiful time of year here. The more I unburden, the less confused I feel about relationships and feelings. And then I start to want to do a thing or two to celebrate.

Having animals around helps too, because they sure don't get caught up in "shoulds" and manage to be genuine all the year round... (there's a youtube making the rounds that maybe shows a person coping by making a funny pet video:p:


Any other coping strategies that work for you?

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I don't send out cards either - then I feel like I have to pretend my life is going great instead of being the stretch of chaotic years it has been since I've entered adulthood.

Being around my parents cats is super helpful :) I admit I am spending a lot of time in bed right now, but quiet evenings in watching movies, making sure I do get out, talking with friends online (not up to hanging out), LIMITING ALCOHOL - can't stress enough - and reading.

I am with Waiting in trying to forgive myself for avoiding some things. Also forgiving myself for my struggles in life and trying not to hold myself up to some imaginary "normal" place I should be, where everyone else is. That is the hardest thing. I often feel like a failure and a burden. When I feel like that I am no good to anyone. Forgiveness really is key.

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What an awesome thread idea Finding!!!

I'm actually one of those middle of the road people who really likes to go out and have fun AND also at times needs to have some time to isolate. I don't send cards either. Too busy!! I make up for it later and send groundhogs day cards instead.

You're right....pets can be so calming. Well....the new puppy has those moments of unbridled energy which isn't so calming. But snuggle puppy is!! :)

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