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I'm serving cyber breakfast today (or lunch or dinner, whatever your time preference is) and was wondering who would like to join me?

Think I'll have a decaf coffee extra light and sweet...maybe an egg omelet too. Pancakes anyone?

Oh, and there is tuna available if kitties would like to join us. :D

My house is quiet and I'd like to have some friends over. :) My soon-to-be 9 year old will be waking soon, though, and she will be joining us before she's off to school. She's a joy and may chat more than I do.

Feeling a bit silly, I guess...:P

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Hello all. :-)

My morning straightening tends to be me getting vertical ...

Yesterday I worked from midnight to 8 am (I'm on rotating shifts for a week or so here at the beginning of the year), so I'm afraid I slept through your party and had breakfast in the afternoon ...

Today I'm here 8 to 4, so I've already had my first cup of coffee.

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The single man's secret to doing dishes, my friend, is to only have one of each: one glass, one plate, one cereal bowl. That way, washing up is much simpler ... At least, that's what works for me.

I did not poop on your party. I missed it completely. :-P

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