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Hi Esurc,

Are you currently in therapy ? If you are it might be a good time to call your therapist.

I read one of your other posts a couple of days ago when you was contimplating giving your soul, in exchange for something good on earth. (sorry I cant remember your exact words) :(

Has something happened recently, that has sparked this anger in you ?

Please take care.

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Do you know why you were laughing? That was funny to you? Or are you just so angry that you could feel the rage while watching it?

I think it is best if you were talking to a therapist, or possibly a Psychatrist. Would this be your common reaction to something like that ? Their are several reasons why you laughed at something so horrific. Maybe it was just too much to absorb and that was your way of coping with what you saw.

Sometimes our emotions can get screwy when we are already feeling upset or angry over things we cannot control. Not too sure why you would watch it over and over though. I do think that getting professional help is the ideal way to go.

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Offhand, I'd say you couldn't possibly have any idea how "billions" of people feel about you.

You may be able to say that some category you think you belong to gets a lot of bad press these days, but I think there's at least two distortions going on: one is that what the press says is what everyone believes, and the other is that you're the person they're saying stuff about.

I personally would try to stop anybody from shooting anybody, if I had my way.

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