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What if you don't know


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If you don't seem to know what to do with yourself

your time , your energies ..

Can you allow yourself to drift aimlessly ?

And without regret ?

I think so...............

Sometimes you need to allow yourself to drift aimlessly, to recharge and discover what you truely want to do with your life :)

I have periods where it doesnt really feel or seem like I am achieving anything - but looking back those have been periods of my life where my body/mind has needed 'time out'.

And in reality it wasnt really drifting aimlessly - I was on my path in life all along. I just didnt realise it.

Life works its wonders in mysterious ways - its all magical and each moment brings us new experiences - if thinking possitively how can anyone really regret that.

Hmm, Im sounding a bit like someone that has optimism :eek:

Ive either lost the plot completely (no comments on that please) or things are looking up :o

Take care lagrima :)

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Not without regret, at least not in my case.

I recently read this which kind of hit me as I realized where my career could have been if I had pursued a single direction instead of starting over again and again.

You've got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers.

-Steve Jobs

If you don't know your direction, you've got to hunt it down. There are probably clues but you have to pay a lot of attention to find them. One thing I've picked up is that most people's main passions in life don't change much after age 16. This was true for me although my reason for resisting an engineering career is that I thought my interests would change over time.

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Discoveries can happen late in life. My interest in psychology developed into a passion when I went to therapy and learned about myself...at around age 40. That experience opened up the door to finding out what I was really meant to do...help others. Sometimes if one is very inhibited by fears they may not be fully aware of their own light and strengths.

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I guess you have to wait and see if drifting aimlessly leads its own path of if in fact it just leads from one minimum to the next minimum effort route in life. I think the regret would decide that though. I've had a hard time working out if things you believe were meant to happen, or that just turned out really well, were really all that great compared to all the other great things that could have happened..

It's like coincidences, when someone is surprised by one. What a coincidence! Then you think of all the time coincidences AREN'T happening, and it's a disappointing thought isn't it? Don't know what the positive version of that is.

Then again if you work and work and work with the sharpest pin point of a direction you've had in your life and it's all going really swimmingly, you're missing out on all the things that would have come along to you anyway. Only thing is, maybe you're saved from regret if you *think* you're doing things right. You just wouldn't know. If you're drifting you know it all too well

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