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-98% bull shit-?-


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Observations and real trust can get you some interesting results, what do I mean if you look deeply into the mental health industry you will see 98% pure bull shit. The clients and parents and caregivers and professional staff and rehabilitation facilities and drug companies and research scientists and bureaucrats and politicians etc. etc. etc.. Almost everybody has an agenda and this agenda is not to cure or really help human beings with mental disorders but to bull shit the whole industry. I could rant and rave all day long about this bull shit but I will give you one example that the clients told me and I found to be factual in reality.

The clients never never tell the professionals or their parents or caregivers etc. what what they are really thinking, their deepest dark inner thoughts. They have too much too loose if they share their inner most thoughts, when they go into a psychotic break or into psychois etc. then they might share their inner most thoughts.

When I asked them repeatedly how do they expect to get help from the professionals if they will not share their real thoughts with these people they laughted and shrugged their shoulders and smiled?

PS, the majority of clients went to their fellow clients (Friends) for advice about their mental problems or mental issues...

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Guest ASchwartz


You remind me of someone else who used to come around here with those types of false allegations about the mental health field. Could it be that you are the same person hiding under a different name??? Maybe.

Your comment is abhorent because mental health professionals work hard and honestly to help clients find solutions to their problems and help them deal with their stress and learn new ways of coping.

A recent study demonstrated clearly, through fMRI procedure that with psychotherapy people actually bring about positive changes in the way the brain works.

Keep your opinions to yourself, particularly because you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

Consider this your first warning!!!


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To me it looks like you are extremely angry and need to blame the mental health profession, because you feel that you did not get the help you needed, and now you think the whole profession is 98% Bullshit. That is purely your opinion , their is know facts supporting your claim , I really think you were Butt hurt by someone in the mental health field , and this is your way of expressing yourself. Not a good way , but a way to blame your own problems on something else. hopefully you will get the help you need, even though your so angry. It is not wise to try and spread untruths on a mental health board, what are you thinking? That is not what this site is for. You want to get people upset and beleive the things you do for your own gratification. Even though you wrote all that crap , I think you are probably really hurting and actually need professional help.

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Kindness, every one of your posts includes a dig of some type, at professionals or at any one of us who have disagreed with your viewpoints. This is not the spirit of the forum.

The spirit of the forum is to offer support to individuals here who are in pain and to receive support for yourself. Of course we are interested in hearing about your experiences and how this may benefit and help those here or how those experiences have personally helped you.

If you have personal feelings around the mental health profession and have had a bad experience, we would be happy to listen and support you in this. Sweeping generalizations about the entire field are neither fair nor accurate, though.

It's important to keep in mind that many here are suffering from mental illness and could potentially be dissuaded from seeking professional help when reading your posts. This is potentially dangerous. Please be mindful of this when you are posting.

Let's get back to supporting one another.

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