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Guest SomethingOrOther

I have been asked to leave this site and I think it’s just fine. I would prefer being banned, since it saves me the trouble of finding a good signature. „Banned“ says it all, really.

One way or the other it’s not going to change the fact that a new member was attacked by several people and a moderator. The mod isn’t going to apologise, cause he’s part of „the team“ and as such only ever has good intentions. You want to be a team, I criticise you as a team, does that logic escape you? But you think it’s unfair towards the moderators, well I didn’t say you’re „the team“. I didn’t come in after pseudome insulted a member saying „we’re just trying to help“, like denying a moderators mistakes and making it look like you’re right, cause you’re a majority, makes things better and not like, more closely related to bullying. I don't hide behind a spirit and the greater good.

Alright, yeah, you won’t see it my way and I notice Allan is still beating a dead horse, replying to a post he already had called „wrong, wrong, wrong“. It’s basically 3D wrong, right? It’s not like that is saying „you’re a bad person“, whilst avoiding to say it literally for professional reasons. When it’s three wrongs for just one person, how many wrongs do I have to use for „the team“ of moderators? You must be wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong – squared. And sadly, you don’t notice. Nor will you ever.

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Dont leave, no one has asked u or the other fella to leave. They just sayd to him that the theorys he is sharing are not appropriate for the forum. No one told him to leave he left coz he can post more of his happy therapy but I think he can still post his problems or suport others if he whanted to, but clearly he dosent whant to.

So i dont see why u have to leave, ive read some of ur post supporting others then why leave? U defended what u consider that was right and thats something to admire. But as everyone told him he didnt whanted to participate in these forum, just post crazy teorys even Allan who is a profesional has said that he was talking crap. So forget about these and continue.

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Nicely said, pseudome :-)!

S., I don't know if you plan to still read something on this forum, but in case you'll see this thread, here are few comments to your post(s):

I noticed that although you're very intelligent and can often have very good insights into different situations, you're also quite often making very quick and ungrounded negative presumptions. In this post, it's mainly (for me) this one:

It’s not like that is saying „you’re a bad person“, whilst avoiding to say it literally for professional reasons.

I don't understand why you assume that Allan thinks KT is "a bad person". I know he doesn't and I didn't see anything proving or even suggesting this.

Here is another-one:

And sadly, you don’t notice. Nor will you ever.

Yes, I understand that this is your personal feeling from how you see us and I won't argue as it would be strange to argue with someones feelings, but... I'd like to say that it seems you're making a 'strong' conclusion - about us being wrong and too blind to see our mistakes - based only on, it seems to me, your feelings. OK, this doesn't lead anywhere, I see :o. I just would like somehow to show you that one of the things that are causing you some of the problems (as some anxieties, ...) in your every-day life is probably also your strong tendency for negative prejudices toward some people and some kind of behavior. I can imagine that from your point of view, is was pseudome who "had negative prejudices towards KT and was making ungrounded decisions and "accusations"" and so you can argue that you were the one who was "right and without prejudices" here. Well, the difference is that... preudome feels another level of responsibility here than you and he tries to do his best and to engage himself also in this kind of unpleasant "discussions". You don't have to, you only chose to do it or not. I know him a bit better that you and know how seriously he takes his role - not at all because of "enjoying being authoritative" or "having the power", but just because he cares and wants to participate as well as he can. Moreover, although you probably didn't notice, he's very sensitive and all these hard situations are really not any kind of opportunities to "play off a policeman" here, but troublesome problems on top of the ones he has...

Well, this is how I see also the other present mods I know here (IJ and d.).

I imagine that being around such 'wrong' people and watch them doing 'all those wrong things' is rather unpleasant, so from this point of view, I suppose it's better for you to leave. Just... do know that your insights, support and also peculiar humor will be missed here... :(

I'm sorry you're leaving under such circumstances and because of such reasons :(. I'd like so much to see you leaving because of your certitude that you don't need this kind of support group anymore and are able to function well in your life and want to move forward from this 'mental help world' to another one - better for you in the better period of your life... :o

So... what more to say? Just:

Good luck!!! (No sarcasm!)

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LaLa, I think you stated this quite well. All of the moderators here on the site take this job very seriously. We are trying our very best to support and protect the community. Asking questions is a positive thing, though, and we are always willing to learn from these experiences.

Pseudome, Danni, LaLa and myself care a great deal about this community. There are rules to uphold and times when warnings will be issued and consequences have to be applied. We take great care with these decisions.

I'm sorry that you will be leaving us, SoO.

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