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A Sad Day


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Things have gone from bad to worse. My father is in the hospital with a blood clot in the lung and the right side of his heart working at 5%. In the morning they will do a heart cath. and will know what the situation. As of right now, the doctor believes it's a heart disease, which is very possible since that's what his father died of. My dad really needs prayers right now, and so does the family.

I'm so overwhelmed that I'm numb and can't think. Will write more later on for I have to rest while I can.

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Thank you everyone. Some good news today. What was thought to be a blockage or heart disease turned out to be a virus that he had that was attacking his heart. A strong dose of medicines for the next 8 weeks will be necessary. Though there are still some things we must have answered, if all goes well he will get to come home tomorrow.

The spot on his lung was not a bloodclot, so that needs to be examined further. His lungs are not full of fluid. His kidneys and liver are not working at the right capacity right now as well, but hopefully all of things too will work out with time.

Thanks to everyone who sent up a prayer, for the prayers have been answered and performed a miracle. May God bless you each and every one.

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