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Hello, my name is Jared, just signed up

For a long time now killing people has been a interest of mine, since 5th grade i think, i think about it everyday since then, some times random people, some times people i know, when ever i have time to just think (which is most of the time) either i start thinking about it or i start thinking about some thing but it always comes to me killing some one, i just play it through my head for hours at a time,[moderator edited out graphic details], i'm not going to go into detail of coarse but every day that go's by the urge just gets bigger and harder to ignore, like if i just did it every thing would be better, the weird thing is is that im not sad or angry or stressed, im chill most of the time, until the urges come and i get stressed and when i ignore them i feel hopeless, this has been part of my life for years and years and years, its never felt weird or wrong, its always been normal and i was actually suprised when i found out other people don't do the same as me and have this urge, i don't think there's anything wrong with me, i just wan't to know why i have this urge to kill

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You're suffering from Psychosis. I get the urge to kill all the time too. However the people I get the urge to kill don't deserve to live. Couldn't kill an innocent person as it would eat away at me. I wouldn't feel any guilt nor would I lose any sleep over killing a person that deserves to die. But as stated above you best go get help for it.

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[two senteneces deleted by a moderator] When i first started going to a therapist i whent coz i was a violent person i had serius problems at the places ive worked, getting mad at ppl and going into fights. So at first my therapist made my write the things that where going in my mind so a part of that notebook makes me feel like a serial killer i got a bunch of ppl i would kill, so perhaps its a good idea if u write everything in paper im sure u will think less of it after these. And as u say when ever u have time to think, u need to do some activitys get bussy doing something.

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I'm sorry, eppursimuove, please take no offence, but... this was not appropriate from my point of view...
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Man killing someone its not nice even if u think it is, remember they have familys, and u can go to Jail, plus u have to live with ur self after that. So do some sports, and keep ur toughts in ur mind.

By the way welcome to the forum, nice to meet ya.

I guess u dont agree with me Lala, i dindt think anybody would feel offended for what i said but im ok with it, if u think its out of place then it propably is.

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Hello, jjvoodoo,

You say:

i don't think there's anything wrong with me, i just wan't to know why i have this urge to kill

but when I imagine living with such urges, it seems very very unpleasant to me. It's the same like with any other urges can't/shouldn't act upon. :D So... why wouldn't you like to alleviate yourself and get rid of that stuff?? :confused: You probably know it's called obsession and/or intrusive thoughts. There are well known ways to overcome obsessions of any kind. There are self-help books and therapists. I don't think self-help book would be apprpriate in your case, but who knows. Anyway, seeing a therapist would be a great idea. Just imagine how different would your life be without the ideations and urges! And yes, the question WHY you have them is very important - but this could be find-out only in a deep analytical therapy. However, I assume that maybe a CBT or something more specialized to such urges would be better in the biginning...

What do you think?

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i cant get a therapist, i dont have the money for it, and idk what i would do with my time if i didnt think about it

Most Crazy Clinics have a sliding scale where the amount you pay is based on your income.

I do several things to keep me busy so I don't think about my past.

Here's some things you can do.

1. Exercise

2. Play Video Games

3. Read non-violent books

4. Go fishing if possible

5. Cruise the internet

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im not sure about your income situation or anything like that but some mental health places allow you to get a therapist for free if you cant afford one. i actually went into a mental health place and stated that i am a threat to myself and or others on there little form that they have you fill out. granted i live on the other side of the country and each state dose things differently. it might be something to look into. at first they had me see whoever was available then they assigned me to the person best suited to handle my situation. i didnt have insurance so they took me in for free. ive had my fair share of thoughts of killing people though i know i am incapable of doing so. that is why i vent the way i do. i wouldnt suggest it to anyone so in that i dont feel that it would be a good idea to explain it. and it would probubly get edited out anyway. so ya. it would be a good idea to look into what i stated above.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Everyone,

Depending on what country you live in, there are therapists available even when you do not have money. Here in the United States you can sign up at a mental health agency, one of the non profit ones and, among other things, they will help you apply for emergency medicaid and work with you until it comes through. That wil pay. Also, there are out patient mental health clinics that are part of hospitals and they will do the same. If you are feeling or thinking homocide or suicide (very similar) you can go to the hospital emergency room and they will both see and treat you and also start your application for emergency medicaid.

We need to move this very important discussion to one of the other forums as this is for new members. Please do not take offense, it just more convient for new people to be responded to. In no way do I want anyone to think this is not a vitally important discussion.


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