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Thanks SweetSue + IrmaJean

A lot of stuff is changing and major not great stuff is being expected of me. It seems like it's getting harder to keep on top of things. My parents are trying to help as best they can. I'm lucky to have them considering what I often hear about others. There are some things though I really can't get into with them because I don't want to upset or worry them further. I wish I could say more to you guys maybe it would help but I don't feel comfortable or safe in doing that right now. It's horrible feeling horrible all the time.

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Hi Goliath,

I hope that things become easier for you soon.

We will be here with a friendly shoulder and caring ear, when you feel more comfortable and safer to talking with us.

Is there something you can do, something that you enjoy, maybe a hobby ?

Sometimes when I am doing things I enjoy, I dont feel quite as hurt. It doesnt stop the hurt however it does help me to focus on something else, and give my brain a temporary rest from the things that are causing me grief.

Hope that your day is kind to you

Take care

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