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The women my neighbors bring over like to scream and moan loudly at various times of the day or night - usually when I'm trying to go to sleep.

I imagine that it's possible for a woman to just breathe heavily during an orgasm. It sucks though if she's quiet because you have no idea if she's enjoying it or not.

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Porn is staged, so women are told to scream and make noise when reaching their climax (if they're really even having an orgasm.)

I agree with both responses so far.

When a woman is completely silent during sex, how is the guy supposed to know he's doing a good job? But I also agree that different people have different energy levels during sex. Some women may be a little bit more reserved during intercourse, and like to keep their noise level down. It really just depends on the person.

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Well, communication is important in any relationship.

But the part we haven't even looked at is, if a woman is silent during sex, and even further, if she isn't enjoying it, that could possibly be completely due to her own issues and have nothing to do with the man or his size.

It's pretty common, when we already assume there's something wrong with us, no matter what it is, to find "confirmation" of that assumption wherever we look. What if ... she's cheating on her husband/boyfriend, and lying to you, and feels guilty? What if ... she never has an orgasm? (and there are thousands of reasons why that might be. Maybe even more possibilities than male impotence, probably.)

Asking her might be a solution you haven't considered.

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