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What is one thing...


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…that made you smile today?

For me today, it was looking at my daughter’s pants, which were suddenly up to her ankles. I smiled in wonder. My child grows fast. :) Time for a new wardrobe.

I also smiled watching my neighbor walk his terrier down our street. He’s been walking, and/or jogging daily (though not always with a dog), for as long as I can remember, going back to when I was just a child. I admire his spirit, energy, and joy for life.

Okay, so that's two.

Every time I smile, my heart feels warm. Healing energy. Wishing you all some smiles today...and hopefully some moments of serenity too.

Share if you’d like. Embrace your pink. :):o

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dunno if i can be possitive these days beth - in a bummer of a mood an that frame of mind has been well established for me for a long while..........:)

but i suppose even when im like this - silliness is always something that makes me smile - even if momentarily.:)

sorry cant be anymore possitive than that - i tried! :)

hope your day is kind to you:o

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My friends could not stop laughing at me when I asked them what LMAO meant. They all think that just because I have been living in this country for almost 13 years, I should have learned this kind of English long time ago. They also said that I am a fake American and that they will be contacting immigration services, which I thought was pretty funny.

Hey, at least I know what Lol, IDK, Ttul stand for :)

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I smile when I see others spreading a little kindness to our fellow man and woman. :) I see it here on our site and my heart feels warm. :o Just taking a moment to connect with another can be quite powerful and it feels good. We give our gentle, caring parts to others and receive it back for ourselves as well. :)

I hope everyone has a serene and healing day.

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Well my 9 year old son and me like to watch funny videos on you tube. The funny baby videos are great, they can really get you through a bad moment.

My kids are funny. My 9yo still pronounces the 'th' sound with either a 'v' or an 'f' sound: "I need 'free' dollars." "Seriously Mom, I am 'finking' that you should let me play "M" games because I watched Dawn of the Dead like, 'free-fousand' times and I don't get scared at all!"

My boyfriend is 53 and he stutters. Plus he makes up his own versions of words. For example: "When we were kids at camp we slept in 'lean toons.'" Or, "I eat the green vegetables because I get my chloroform from them." Or, "Stop 'hecticizing' me, witch!" I call them "Eddie-isms" and have been keeping a list of them for like 3 years.

Picture a character from the Honeymooners and that's him...

Now, just to think about these things made me smile, but when he called me on the phone from upstairs right as I was telling about him, THAT cracked me up.

Wow, this beats talking about my depression, and it made me feel better! I was really jammed up when I got on here...:o

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