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An optimistic study about the willpower


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So yeah, I created this username because willpower is what I felt I 'needed', but really it's a vague term.

But I know that once I believed I could and I said to myself I was willing to endure ANYTHING as long as it lead my directly to my goals I would do it and I did and it has.

It's not just a matter of saying 'I should be stronger', but you really have to feel it. At times I used my anger or sadness to push myself, at other times I used happiness. I channeled all my emotions into my change and drove myself as much as I could (that is to say I always did everything I could that was understood to be GOOD, example on the topic of weight loss I didn't starve myself, I ate well).

Right now I believe my willpower is infinite. Just in an artistic / expressive sense it feels like a universe-warping power that flows out from me like some sort of pulsar star. Not being manic and I know I have limits but my willpower itself feels flawless. It's probably this belief that does make me so strong. I absolutely know that any and every other person can also experience this. Yes there IS limits to what a human can do, things you can't change, things you can't control, but you work with what you can. That's what strength is.

I believe that BELIEF is actually the most powerful thing in the world. Confidence, willpower, hope. These are the most important things, and you CAN change them to something that seems almost impossible and then achieve that almost impossible thing.

Change what you believe, take action, stick with it, you WILL succeed.

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