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Welcome to the Mental Help Net Support Community! This is a place to talk about various troubling issues in your life of a mental health/mental illness nature, but not limited to formal diagnoses. It is our hope that you will find some comfort and some good useful information here through the process of mutual support with other folks here, and that you will benefit as a result.

Whenever people gather to talk, there is the potential for people not getting along. It is important - vital even - that we do make efforts to help keep the atmosphere here one of comfortableness and safety or we won't be able to do any supporting.

To this end, this community has RULES which will be enforced by Moderators and ultimately by myself (Dr. Dombeck) if necessary. We will remove posts that break the rules, and if necessary, we will ban users who cause repetitive problems, and/or take other steps necessary to ensure the common good as best we can.

The rules are located in the Community FAQ. Please go there and read them so that you are familiar with them. Ignorance of the rules won't be an excuse for breaking them, just so you know.

The rules aren't perfect. I've tried to balance the need to foster free expression with the need to help keep people from feeling unsafe. This is a difficult balance, and we may need to adjust the rules to work towards keeping things balanced. If you have a gripe about the rules, please post about it hereabouts and we'll consider the merits of your argument.


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