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Moderators, would you please?


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Deletions can become a bit complicated when you've started a thread that others have responded to. Deleting the entire thread then deletes all of the responses. It's true only a moderator or administrator can completely erase a post, unless it's in a blog. If you want to delete a post within a thread you can simply use ..... or ### or anything similar to erase your words, but doing that doesn't change your post count. Doing that on a thread you started might become very confusing for anyone reading, though. I understand that feeling. Happens to me sometimes too. Most of the time when I delete something, I'm feeling very upset. I hope you are okay, Medlem. Take care.

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Thank you IrmaJean, i'm fine, hope you're doing good too and even better!

That's exactly what i was thinking about.

As a respect to people who had responded to my threads and my problems, i couldn't just put strange signs instead of text that i wrote. Because i appreciate it very much that they cared to respond to me! It ment a lot.

And i also felt need to get rid of my background. I'm blessed to have a new way of thinking. Thank you for fixing this, i feel so released after my posts are gone. Thanx! :(

All the best.!

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