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Did you know? Human body needs 2 - 4 hours of sleep to refresh and be ready for next day. And 6 hours sleep needs humans soul and mind. Wow, isn't that amazing!?

What makes your soul so busy and tired daytime, and.. Do you know your soul, have you ever noticed it?

That is our souls that cause all the disorders and then we feel not alright and even physicaly tired and sick.!

My soul doesn't like something so it's fighting against it, and that makes me to feel not alright. Turns out that my soul can not be and also - my body and my nature. Our bodyes, nature has own way because of different way of thinking. Soul is the unconscious part - thinking differently. And it's strong in us. soul is something that is determined and will not give in, it will protest when you do against it.

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How should i understand that?

Because this thread was not about me. This time i put my problem as an example how it works.

I mean.. I would like to know if you think that this theory of mine(inspired by a scientists presentation) is insane or if you see that as a piece of phantasy. It's important for me to know what people ACTUALLY think.

That's my problem that i don't know anymore what people actually mean. It's always like - guess yourself. Because one sentence can have several meanings..

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Online interactions can be tricky when the person isn't actually there with you. You can't see facial expressions or nonverbal gestures. It becomes easy to project one's own fears into another person's words. I do it too...

I would not judge you, Medlem. I was wanting to offer my support. I apologize if it came across any other way.

Maybe it would be important to know why how others feel about this is weighing on your mind so much. How do you feel about it?

As to my personal opinion, I think there are many ways to look at things. I'm not sure there is a right or wrong answer. I might have written something similar myself, but perhaps used different words. I very much believe in the healing power of love. :( I think what matters most is how you connect with this and how you feel about it. I would always support that and listen with acceptance.

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Twenty years ago I was in graduate school in cognitive psychology and did a lot of studying on my own in addition to the classes. I came up with what I thought was a very good theory about the function of consciousness – kind of relates to mind and soul, though I didn’t specifically consider what the soul was. That’s even more mysterious than consciousness, in my opinion.

Anyway, there wasn’t any professor at my school who was interested in the same topic so there was no way that I could try to develop my theory for my dissertation, and there was nothing that I could write a dissertation about that would be more than just busy work. So that would not help me, either, to get to a place where I could develop my theory and present it for professional scientists to review.

Still, my theory helps me to understand things, a little bit. Mind and soul are still outside of science. So I think we take science and make what sense we can for ourselves. And if it helps us, then it helps us, whether other people understand and agree or not.

I hope this comment seems relevant. If not -- TWYLALTR ("take what you like and leave the rest")! :(

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Thank you IrmaJean, my bad. That's me who has to apologize.

"Maybe it would be important to know why how others feel about this is weighing on your mind so much. How do you feel about it?"

- i'm not sure why others oppinion about me is so important. Maybe because of my sensitive nature.

So when ppl doesn't respond to what i tell or to how i act - i don't know what do they actually think. I want to know my mistakes and learn more about myself. Especialy after i've been told that i've been talking and behaving strangely. Thanx God it's over, medication have helped here. After this experience i have lost my self-confidence. I was so confident 2 years ago upto i got to know that all i believed in was not normal and healthy and the things i said made no sense. So, my confidence chrushed. Becide my nearest ppl haven't been very open with me, no one said that something was wrong. 2 years ago i got maryed, that was the point where i started to receive help. That was also time when the best friends i had turned out to be my enemies. Got betrayed pretty badly.

Thanx for your oppinion and support!

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This is what i feel and what makes sense to me. And is also ansver to my issues, i thought to share it on this forum. It's just an idea out of blue, but there is great part of truth. we all will be gone by the time when scientists can prove anything. We got to help ourselves.

Thank you all for the comments, was nice of you.

And sorry IrmaJean, we obviously understand sentences the way we choose ourselves:o

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Thanks, medlem, for trying to share with us what for you has been a valuable insight. What I was trying to say was that I have had experiences like that, too, and yet when I tried my hardest to express them, it didn’t seem to mean much to anybody else. It’s been somewhat sad and frustrating for me.

I haven’t known exactly what to do with that. Do I stop trying? If I do that then I stop trying to be a part of the world. Well, and OK, that’s what I’ve sorta been doing for 10 years. Getting better now, though.

I’m glad for you that you are having insights that are meaningful for you. Maybe they are gifts – just for you, for the time being? And the desire and impulse to share – that is like a gift you want to give to us? If the dots don’t connect for us, in the way we understand things, that doesn’t mean that the insight isn’t important and valuable or that the desire to share isn’t a good one.

I’m very sorry that the people close to you didn’t understand or give you feedback in the past. I understand about that, too. It’s good that now you’re asking for feedback and clarification here. Maybe, if you continue to want to, you can expand on your insights later and we might understand better. Thanks for trying.

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