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My mind is totally lost at the moment. One minute I feel like crying, the next I'm over the moon with joy, then I'll be incredibly angry at the world, then nothingness.

My whole fear revolves around music at the moment: music is my passion, what I live for! I keep obsessing about stupid things, such as mainstream music is bad, etc. I also hate it when an artist I like achieves mainstream attention, or other people listen to the same music I do.

I don't like feeling like this, I hate it! I feel incredibly bitter. I can't work myself out. Do I really enjoy music? I'm trying to not focus on other people, and just focus on my enjoyment, so I don't look at charts or anything, but my mind keeps obsessing.

I just want to enjoy music for what it is, and not what other people think of it!

At the moment I'm not enjoying music at all! When I listen to it I feel nothing. The lyrics and melodies are doing nothing for me.

I'm at total loss...

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Hi confusedboy. I'm sorry you are feeling anxious and upset about this. I've noticed that different things seem to cause you anxiety. Are you able to distract yourself by engaging in other activities? What about going for a walk? Maybe the fresh air will help to change things up.

What else is happening in your life now? Are you in school? Do you have any hobbies?

Take care.

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If you enjoy certain music chances are that other people enjoy it as well. The only solution I see here is for you to listen to really bad music. :rolleyes:

That's not what I want at all! I want to be ABLE to just enjoy music for what it is. At the moment I don't really know how I feel! I guess incredibly down. And my days are longed by the fact I'm not enjoying music anymore!

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CB, music is the current focus of your anxiety and intrusive thoughts. It might be helpful to find ways to manage the obsessive thinking pattern you seem to be dealing with, though. Have you spoken with a professional about this?

Take care.

I am still waiting to see the psychiatrist. The days are really long at the moment, as I'm not listening to music everything is too quiet! Even if I try to listen to music it does nothing for me!


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It sounds like you may be focusing on whether you are enjoying the music or not. Is it possible these thoughts are part of the problem? I think about it like riding a bike. I am not normally thinking when I ride about how to balance, because if I do I will fall over. There are some points where conscious control has to give way to more intuitive processes, and music is highly connected to that more intuitive part of our brains.

Most of the time enjoyment comes from forgetting yourself for long enough to get absorbed in something, whether it is a meal, music, or anything else. Maybe if you don't try to consciously enjoy it but try instead to simply experience whatever happens to come when you put some music on, it will become enjoyable. Or not, but you've got nothing to lose by experimenting.

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