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The healthy adictions?


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I've noticed that i'm adiction tendenced.

One kind of adiction can turn to another.

And it seems i need something to be adicted to.. Not long ago i was internet and tv adicted, now, i eat SO much and it's better i stop.

We can obviously be adicted to something that doesn't ask much effort and thinking. So i was wondering what kind of adictions can occure? How about one healthy?

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To be honest Medlem I don't think that any addiction is healthy. A healthy habit is just that a habit. The reasoning behind addiction... what is happening in your mind when you cross the line between habit and addicted behavior is the important factor not the result. Addiction is Obsession. Excess is usually detrimental no matter how healthy something seems to be.

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Addiction = fast satisfaction and need for it constantly.

Of course it doesn't sound healthy.

Many things that we are living with are not healthy and from some of them it's impossible to get rid of like some diagnosis. Addiction can be part of a diagnosis and maybe it's not going either.

I was just thinking about changing one addiction in to other for something healthyer..

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I'm not sure whether you would become addicted to something to replace another addiction, and that should never be the intent, but I think I sort of understand what you are getting at.

Maybe it is best to distract yourself from an addiction? Instead of watching the TV for hours, go for a run. Instead of eating tons, learn to prepare a new, healthy meal. Take up a hobby. Be aware of and actively combat the addiction.

Of course, some addictions do less damage that others, and so they may seem healthier, but Frazzled is right, it is never healthy to be addicted.

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My bigest issue i gues is to take up anything. once i do, i start to like what i do. But to take up anything is nearly impossible.

Yeah, i can eat and eat or just sitt and think for hours. The only good way out is to go to sleep. But i'm tired of sleeping too. Atleast i exist.

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Hi again, medlem,

One of the most helpful things I’ve come across lately is the idea that a strong sense of self is based on a core feeling or notion that we are lovable and competent.

I certainly did NOT have that for most of my life and substituted trying to be “perfect” – with the result that I would be hard on myself when I wasn’t.

Addictions can be another way to try to replenish or build that core sense that we are OK. Also feeling like we’re “the best”.

I don’t want to pry, maybe just to expand the conversation, but do you have a sense in the core of you that you are lovable and competent? If not, would focusing on telling yourself that sometimes be helpful? And reminding yourself that God knows that you are lovable and competent?

I had to break down, and then dig some more in therapy, to get to the core and my doubt about myself. But I couldn’t have done it without therapy so I wouldn’t recommend that for you. It’s just too painful to do alone. But perhaps there are other ways!!

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Hi DD!

I think it's exactly what i need - strong sense of self. Once i had it but since i got to know that something actually isn't ok with me, i got scared of my self-confidence. I realized that i can't be so self-confident as i can't ignore others needs etc especially if you live together with somebody.

Feeling that we are competent..

First of all everything you said is so true.

Exactly that is missing.. How can i feel competent when it turns out that i don't know what's going on (i have no memories about me crying). When i got to know that, i started to focus on it. Was focusing on taking care, i droped all my great visions and expextations. And started to live chill life. As i got better i droped my studyes too since i started to feel that it takes too much.

I don't know what has to happen that i feel competent again. I thought i'm a strong and great person, but turns out that i can't take so much at all. But must be that i'm overthinking uncounchsly. Mind taking double more of energy.. In that case i just need to wait on moodstabilizators and then think about competence and everything else. :)

I think i got somewhere just by thinking about it.

By the way i thought that i will try to exercise instead of eating. When ever i feel that i NEED to go to the kitchen and have something, i'll go for a run.

I got that only now, hope it works

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By the way, here are some things that i've figured out myself that could effectively stop you from taking next step in addiction.

Instead doing what you're used to do, try doing this:

» for girls - go and do make-up

» watch funny videos

» if it's eating problem then eat only self-made food. For example do a soup and every time you want to eat warm a cup of soup. (i did)

» listen to some great peace of music, ANY kind.

warning! manic feelings involved!

but i guess when it comes to addictions, it is manic or obsessive behaviour. At least it's like that to me.

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Hi medlem,

How was your run? Maybe that could be a healthy addiction? Running was faddish here back in the 1970’s and people used to talk about a “runner’s high”. Apparently there really was some scientific evidence for that.

And it looks like you found some other things which may distract you from an addictive feeling?

How are things going with the mood stabilizers? Unfortunately, I think some of them can increase people’s appetite, too, can’t they?

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