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I joined this morning

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I don't see where I can fill out my profile, so I'm enetring some details which may best go there.

Live in Bainbridge Island, WA 35 min ferry ride from Seattle. Retired (was resident aide in group home for developmentally disabled adults, hypnotherapist, psychologist, COBOL programmer). Married to Barbara (4th time). Two children from 1st marriage and grandson. All family lives in Australia, where i lived for 30 years. 73.

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Hello, NK, I'm glad to welcome you here ;).

When I suggested you by personal message to introduce yourself in this section, I didn't mean you have to provide so many details :o;) !! But, of course, it's up to you what you're comfortable sharing here about yourself :). In the firts post/thread, people usualy present the problem they come with and/or their intentions in this community. As you're a psychologist, I suppose you came here to help and support those in needs, not to get help yourself (?). Yet, it can be both at the same time ;).

I'm glad to see a psychologist here, btw! There used to be several in the past but all of them leaved after some (but long and very fructuous!) time, so we currently don't have one. Well, we didn't, till today!

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Hello, Norm, and welcome to our community. :)

To edit your profile, click on the arrow next to your screen name in the top right corner of the page, then click 'My Settings'. If you scroll down, you'll see a section where you can edit and add information to your profile.

Take care.

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LaLa3, I retired as a psychologist 17 years ago, so please don't see me as an expert. I have bipolar disorder and no doubt I will be seeking help here, especially when I'm depressed.

Thanks, Irma Jean. I've now edited my profile.

devil's daughter, I had been living in Melbourne, Australlia for 30 years. After working in a college there for 20 years I was given 3 months leave and decided to use it to explore the U.S. and visit my sister who lkived in Santa Cruz, CA at the time. Well, in my first week there i signed up for an "Inner Child" class every wed night, so i saw only a little of the West coast. While i was there my teacher announced that she was teaching hypnotherapy the next year and several of my classmates signed up. So I went back to melbourne, took early retirement from my job, sold my house and became a Californian. It helped that my daughter, who had been living with me since she was 16, had decided to move North in Austraila.

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It used to be available up to some months ago. This community was created on this website in, if I remember it right, 2008 (or 2007?): http://www.mentalhelp.net/

It was one of the forms of help they offered there. But some months ago,mentalhelp.net changed the webhoster (and possibly some other things) and they decided not to transfer these forums to the new place - they, so to say, left it be. The current administrators (Mark - "malign", and Beth - "IrmaJean") who were senior members and moderators for several years, decided to find (with a big help of the founder of the community - the psychologist Mark Dombeck - http://www.mentalhelp.net/poc/view_index.php?idx=27&a=1 ) a new webhosting place and to run the forums here, so they became kind of independent on the founders and the "mentalhelp network". So... it's hard to say if this place is "old" or "new": There are many of us who used to be here when it was "mentalhelp.net", but there are already quite many new members who don't even know this used to be "mentalhelp.net" and not "mentalsupportcommunity.net"...

I'm sorry I described it in a too complicated manner - it's often hard for me to be clear and brief in a foreing language..

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