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Different things have been changing in my son and I lives, now coming back here I see many changes have occured. In fact I was not certain this was the right community , however recognized a few names. Which then I knew this was still here .

In April, we moved, got out of a very rural , gang infested area, into a larger city that has everything we needed to live more comfortably. It also meets my adult son's needs, with his autism, and intelectual delays, he is in a Independant living program for disabled young adults ages 18-22. After that their are a few programs in this city he can to for job training services. Where we use to live did not have the type of programs my son needed.

The majority of the decisions I've made as a single parent since day one have been about my son and what id the best thing for him. We are happier here , and still settleing down.

Things have not all been wonderful though, mostly for myself, fighting inner demons and a lot of triggers.

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