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Email pen pals for those of use with health issues.


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I should point out that this topic should have been a question to start with.What I am trying find is where to find respectible websites where anyone with a mental health problem or any health issue,can find email pen pals.

I personally would like to have a few email pen pals so we can exchange emails at anytime just as a friend to keep in contact with.

I'm in Australia.

If you can provide any information or if you want to contact me,please do.

Regards Chris,the aussie guy.

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Hi, Chris,

for me, this site/community has been "the source of" what you're seeking for. I befriended several people here, we exchanged our e-mail addresses and started to communicate this way.

(It's good to know the people a bit from a forum/blog, before you start an e-mail communication with them, don't you think so? ;))

So, I'd say; any place where you 'meet' some people you like can fulfill this function.

Good luck!

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I too have made e-mail contacts from the site, and I agree that they can be helpful.

But I do feel the need to point out the flip side: people with mental issues, including illness but also just temporary situational distress, are inherently more vulnerable. They should be accordingly more cautious when opening up to new people. I suggest checking other people out publicly first (read their comments on the forums, for instance.) I also suggest making public posts, of course while removing identifying details, because then you can get the opinions of others about what is said to you.

For instance, if someone says something insulting in an e-mail, you might not know how to respond, or even think you deserved it. But in public, you'll get a pretty vigorous response from the community, particularly our moderators, against that kind of behavior. The same goes for confidence tricks, like someone building up a relationship and then asking for money. Or any of dozens of other scams, including emotional or financial ones or identity theft.

Also, don't imagine e-mail is that much more private; during my marriage, my ex easily penetrated e-mail passwords that I hadn't told her, simply because she knew how I think (well, and at the time, I trusted her). I try not to say anything anywhere online that I would be afraid to have brought back to me.

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