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Think I'm falling into a depression!!!:(


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I really need help. I'm falling into a depression and I don't know what to do. I wonder if I died who would be there, if I fell ill who would be by my side.

I'm on the depo shot and you can get depression from it. My ex just left me a few weeks ago and I try to make him feel bad every moment I can so he will stay, we have 2 kids together. I know they will all be happy without me in the way.....have no friends, don't have any family, all I have ever had was them 3 in my life and I feel like dieing.....please someone help me! Tell me something I need to hear help me out of this....I don't know what to do.

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Hello, Countrygirl,

how are you doing now?? I'm very sorry that we somehow didn't notice this post and I saw it only today, after such a long time :(. Please, don't see it as not caring or not responding in purpose...

How is your depression now? Have you already seen a doctor or a therapist to help you? I suppose it's difficult in a small town, but I believe it's possible to find a professional to help you...

Take care!

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Well, you can "get depression" from experiences like separating from your husband or boyfriend, too. It's not uncommon to feel like your life is ending, at times when it's changing that much.

Is it possible that "trying to make him feel bad every moment [you] can" might serve the opposite purpose, and drive him away, instead?

I can hear the depression talking, when you say they'd all be happier without you "in the way", which is obviously a suicidal fantasy. Have you ever heard of a family that was happier after one of its members committed suicide? Who said your kids would be happier? Him? I've met a fair number of people who lived through the suicide of a loved one, and I can tell you, only sick people are happy afterwards. Most people are devastated.

I don't know if I have, or can, "tell you something you need to hear." In the end, no one keeps someone else alive; that's something we each have to do for ourselves. I was suicidal myself, when I first came here, stuck in a marriage that didn't want me. I was trying very hard to believe that every real solution was impossible, which left only the impossible solution of dying. But dying doesn't solve anything; it just makes the problems permanent.

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I feel so much better now than i did then.....it still hurts to see him gone but yet see him still twice a day to trade off our kids....but i was just overyly stressed about how i was going to make it on my own because i just started a new job and when he left.

But everything is good now :). He made me feel unpretty but now i get told i am all the tine by strangers and i know he just lost something great....plus im going to be doing things i would of never got to do if i was still with him.

And malign.....the thought of dying before was not a suicide thought, it was more like someone hiting me (car accident) nothing that was my faut.....i could never hurt myself im to scared and i hate being in pain. Plus my depression was from my birth control....so im feeling a lot better now.....thank you two for responding even though it is a month later but it shows someone dose care.

Thank You!

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