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Hello I've just officially joined the site, but I used to read it off and on for years, so it feels as if I know a lot of people already. Perhaps now I'll get to know those people properly!

Haven't got any specific dx or anything, but am in therapy for various emotional issues. Am a bit of a therapy veteran, seen a fair few over the years, and now finally it looks like I have found a T whom I think will be able to help me, the right fit at last. Maybe. :rolleyes: We shall see.

I note these forums don't seem to be very fast paced, not a lot of posting going on - any particular reason for that (I don't think it's ever been particularly fast paced here, but just wondered if things have slowed down for a reason?)

Anyway, thanks for the opportunity of being here, hope to speak to a few people soon


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Hello, Lamplighter, welcome! :)

It's nice to hear that you're finally feeling that therapy will help you!! Would you write us more about your issues and/or experiences?

Well, it's hard to say why this forum slowed down. Too many members are more busy or, some, more depressed, so it prevents them from posting more, and some left - hopefully often because not needing such support anymore. Most of us (if not all) have sometimes stages when we need break from the forum and sometimes the breaks coincident. That's all that occurs to me as "explanation".

Take care!

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