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As quite many people here either recommend meditation or it's recommended to them, maybe this is a relevant thing to post here:


The class’s goals are (i) to explore Buddhist meditation practices in their cultural contexts, (ii) investigate scientific research on meditation’s dynamics, (iii) survey contemporary secular applications (healthcare, K-12 education, entrepreneurship, creativity, etc.), and (iv) learn meditation firsthand through exercises drawn from contemporary secular applications. To do this course utilizes five rubrics that blend the study of tradition and modernity, humanities and sciences, theory and practice:

Tradition: learn the original practices, their origins, their institutional contexts, and their deep relationships to philosophy, community, and ways of life.

Research: learn the scientific exploration of these practices and the neurological, biological, and psychological mechanisms of their effects, as well as research into their impact in specific contexts.

Innovation: learn about how based upon such research, people are innovating to create new secular practices adapted from these traditions.

Engagement: learn about how people are deploying and engaging with such new adaptations in an astonishingly varied array of fields and areas

Practice: learn secular contemplative practices, both cognitive and physical, in a Contemplative Lab.

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Research shows that meditation can be dangerous for some people (they say 7 % of those who try it). Here is something about it as well as some advise how to be careful:


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