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Nothing big, but I'm worried


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I had been really depressed in the past 2 years. A few months back, I thought I started getting better. Although I did not take any medications or talked about it to anyone. But its different now, i experience extreme mood swings. And I feel extremely frustrated and depressed for a reason i cannot find out. I think feel better when I take sugar. So thats what I do. But sometimes its too extreme to handle. I feel demotivated to do anything at all. Cannot pay attention to anything properly. Its like my mind is screaming. How can I treat this? medications?

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Welcome to the community.

I'm sorry you're struggling. :( Have you seen a medical doctor to rule out a possibly physical cause? Depression can cause low energy as well as difficulty with concentration. Maybe you might also consider seeing a mental health professional? Do you have friends and family who can support you there?

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