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Calling pdoc between visits???

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I had an appt with my pdoc last week. Once again, he (gently) fussed at me for not calling between appointments to let him know I was slipping again. Now, my T had asked me a couple of times if I would call him because she saw things she felt he needed to know. But, even though he says he wants to hear from me if there is a problem and even though he strongly encourages me and assures me it is ok to do so, I still feel as though I am not entitled to or don't deserve his attention outside of my scheduled appointments- the time I pay for. My T says this is depression talking. My pdoc says this is depression talking. Maybe they're right, what do I know? But, even if this is true, how then does one just pick up the phone in the midst of a depression which, apparently, tells them they are not worthy of the other's time? Pdoc changed my meds (again) and he and T are both convinced I have just not found the right combo for me so he says I need to let him know if there is a problem. But, if there is a problem this means meds aren't working which means I am battling my mind which means I'm not going to call anybody, much less him. Does this make sense? I have not started the new meds yet (don't get paid til next week) so I am still struggling with the old meds but my next appt is in 3 months and I just don't know what to do if the new meds don't make a difference. :D

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Definately call if you need to. Especially if their is a problem with your new meds. I think that is why your psych doc. left the door open. Three months is a long time, esp. if he is changing meds.

My Psych Doc. is hard to reach because he works different places. However there is a nurse that I can call if there are any problems with meds. Your therapist might be more available to you, and i thinkit is great to use this as a resource. my therapist has a number that I can call him and leave messages anytime, he has a beeper so he know when their are new messages.

I can see what your talking about with the depression. Because i feel like talkiong to nobody when things are very bad. THat is a tough one, to reach out right in the mist of just wanting to sleep all day long. I have been there. But, it is comforting to know that I do have the option in calling them If I need too, and the more I think about calling the easier it becomes.

I hope the new meds help you feel better and that you can reach out if u need to.

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When I was seeing a psychiatrist for medication I came in once a month and never felt the need to contact her outside of scheduled visits, but considering that the length in between your visits could be as long as three months, I think that it would be fine to contact your psychiatrist between visits if you are having problems with your medication.

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Guest ASchwartz


It is absolutely necessary to call the psychiatrist when there are any medication issues. He wants you to call and he is correct. Even if you were seeing him more often, it would be important to call between visits. These medications are powerful and must be monitored. There is everything from side effects to their not working so good and many other issues between.

When I was in practice, I always new the psychiatrists my patients were seeing so that, if any medication or other issues came up, we could consult. That is just one reason why it is important to be in psychotherapy while on medication. It is team work between patient, psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

I do not remember if you are or are not in psychotherapy but call the psychiatrist and do not wait.


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