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Struggling to post


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Hi Confused12

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you!

Struggling to post

What is it. I am struggling to post. Is it because I am trying so hard to keep things together for this festive season? Or what

I wouldn't say that! I think a lot of us are in the same boat? Life goes on!

I think a lot of us are overwhelmed by the Festive season? Were not used to it? Especially me anyway! I don't know whether I like all this, everyone being in a happy mood all the time? Life seems so busy all of a sudden! People rushing around, thing's to do, people to see, places to go! It doesn't seem normal? Well it isn't normal is it?

Hope you get back to your regular posting asap.

Take care!

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No Confused12! What I think it is, is, that all of a sudden we are expected to give more than we can? It's like gone from a steady flow of post that we can deal with, to an over run of post that we are trying to deal with but are finding that the busy rush as took us by surprise?

Also, I think because we have had a lot of new member's recently, it's like these members are introducing themselves to each other, which are starting their own post, to include themselves and that were feeling a bit pushed out? As if were getting our nose pushed out of our own site?

That's my thoughts anyway but HEY! They don't mean it! It's good to have new member's! It's like we've had our run of the shop, now it's their turn? But understand, I'm not meaning it in a mean way! I know it sounds like I'm having a go, but far from it. This is a site for everyone, and everyone is welcome! From me anyway!

It's like the saying, out with the old and in with the new! Obviously, not that drastic though, and I'm sure these new members don't mean any harm! I think we've just got used to each other? Our own little click you might say!


Am I babbling? Been out for a drink to celebrate the New Year and a bit rat legged, but behaving though!

See ya! Must get my well earned kip! Byeeeeeeeee x

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Thanks for your insight Paula,

Paula, I don't think it is about new members at all. I actually like the idea of new people joining in the mix hearing about their experience, struggles and triumph's without new people in our community we may become stuck, new people bring new and diverse prospective which I find healthy.

I don't see myself needing to respond to all posts so I don't feel over burdened by the 'rush' as you suggested. I normally respond to what I can but right now even responding here is more out being polite then me wanting too. I could babel on some more but don't have the energy to think. Sorry.

I think Proverbs summed it up quiet well, I don't have anymore to give right now, IRL as well as here.

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