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who is still here?


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okay im not exactly new, but I like, was posting here something like 3-5 years ago. I don't really recall much. It's a very dusty part of my mind and it feels so distant.

So much has changed, I got better in some ways, but much worse in others. I'm a wreck. And I'm at a make it or break it point I feel like in terms of fixing my life (already messed up trying to fix it last year). Maybe I'm just going crazy lol.

Either way, how are yal'll?

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I remember Jean o.o But not many details come to mind sorry :(

I don't know how much you remember me of either, lol. A lot has changed in my life. It's been a struggle dealing with the pieces but I think I might be at a positive turning point but I always feel like that possibility is in flux. Been trying a lot though in the last year and a half.

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